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  • ID: 25336

    Dekema Austromat

    Dekema high temperature furnace AUSTROMAT μSIC. Up to 1600 ° C sintering temperature. With silicon carbide heating elements. Display with 10 adjustable programs. Sintering of more than 80 units. Ports 1 USB and 1 Ethernet. 100-240 V 50/60 Hz Max 2000 W adjustable. WxHxD: 42x98x60 cm. Weight about 75 kg. Built in 2009

  • ID: 25326

    Jeol JSM 5400

    Scanning electron microscope Jeol 5400. Detector with Oxford IncaPenta FETx3 (detector constructed in 2007).

  • ID: 25325

    Liebherr KSEX 360-VWRI

    Liebherr fridge KSEX 360 Ex-protected interior. Ex-II3G. 230 V. 50 Hz 130 W. Net capacity 355 L. Internal dimensions: 142x50x45 cm. 5 shelves. Temperature range +2. +10 ° C. R600a refrigerant. CE mark.


Used laboratory and analysis equipment with guarantee:

Source your used laboratory and analysis equipment (Gaschromatographs, GC/MS, HPLC-Systems, AAS) at Labexchange. As market leader, Labexchange sells value-for-money equipment for chemical, physical and pharmaceutical analysis and other areas, such as food analysis, in Germany, Europe and worldwide. All devices are thoroughly tested or overhauled and delivered with guarantee and warranty. Alongside laboratory equipment, we also sell reasonably priced devices for chemical analysis. Visit Labexchange at to order used laboratory equipment at low prices for use in chromatography, spectroscopy, biotechnology (PCR, DNA-Sequencer, Elektrophoresis, Microplate-Devices), clinical chemistry (Beta Counters, Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, Bloodgas-Analysers) and process technology (Mixer, Presses, Heat Exchangers, Stirrer/Agitators). You can also sell your equipment through us. Just offer us your old laboratory equipment. All analysis systems are listed on the website, which is updated daily. Here, you'll find everything you need to know about buying laboratory equipment at reasonable prices. Order your second-hand analysis instruments from us: The World's No. 1.

Used laboratory equipment in perfect working condition

All analysis devices are thoroughly inspected and, if necessary, overhauled by the Labexchange subsidiary, Labexchange-Service GmbH. Testing of second-hand equipment takes place on our premises. In addition to HPLC systemsgas chromatographsdrying ovensbalances, shakers and stirrers, we also test the functionality of mass spectrometers, FTIR devices, UV/Vis spectrometers and laboratory furniture. No used device from Labexchange leaves our warehouse without being tested and all devices are certified as fully functional. Our company can also install all laboratory systems and train your staff in how to use the systems in question.

Other services from

It is also possible to hire or lease used laboratory equipment (Microscopes, Centrifuges, Rotation Evaporators, Heating Apparatus) from us. Hiring and leasing of analysis devices is becoming increasingly popular. You can hire or lease the second-hand instruments you require from Labexchange for a specific period of time and therefore save money. Furthermore, we can also provide expert reports for second-hand laboratory systems, help with clearance of laboratories or moving to new premises and, if required, take your new and used equipment and furniture into temporary storage.