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  • ID: 26833

    Sakura DRS 2000

    Sakura stainerer Tissue Tek DRS 2000. With drying station 30-65 ° C. Up to 440 slides per hour. 27 reagent containers. Processed 20 programs in memory. With lid. Adapter. Plug.

  • ID: 26832

    Tritec TC 205-1

    Tritec laboratory refrigerator model TC 205-1. Capacity 700 liters. Temperature 2-15 ° C. 230 V. 50 HZ. 140 W.

  • ID: 26831

    SI Analytics TL 7500 KF

    SI Analytics volumetric KF TitroLine KF 7500. Titration unit. Exchangeable unit WA 10. Titration stand with integrated stirrer and pump TM KF 235. Titration vessel TZ 1770. Micro double platinum electrode KF 1100. 100-240 V. Measuring range 10 ppm - 100%. Interface RS 232. Interfaces. PC software. Brand new. Manufacturers warranty.

  • ID: 26830

    Phoenix RE-100D

    Phoenix digital rotary evaporator RE-100D. With vertical glassware. Large 5L water / oil heating bath. Heating temperature to 180 ° C. Speed ​​range 20-280 rpm. Motorized lift with safety stop. Timer function. Improved condenser, cooling area of ​​1,500 square meters. Push-off for easy removal of the flask. Right / Left interval running. Large LCD display. 100-240 V 50/60 Hz. 1400 W. Relative humidity 80%. USB interface. Factory Fresh. Manufacturer Warranty. More flask sizes and other glass parts on request.

  • ID: 26829

    Asecos G90.145

    Asecos pressure gas cylinder cabinet G90.145. For two 10-L bottles. External dimensions HxWxD: 1450x600x615 mm. Year of construction 2014 original packaging.

  • ID: 26828

    Asecos G90.145

    Asecos pressure gas cylinder cabinet G90.145. For two 10-L bottles. External dimensions HxWxD: 1450x600x615 mm. Year of construction 2014 original packaging.

  • ID: 26826

    Thermo Electron CAB-WAT-S 30

    Thermo Electron automatic water softener CAB-WAT-S 30. For the production of soft water. 230 V 50 Hz 20 W Capacity:. 3000L at 3,57 me/L. Flow: normal 0,3m³/h, max 2 m³/h. Resin volume: 10L. Salt consumption per regeneration: 2.5 kg with full salting. Max. Pressure: 6 bar. Permissible water temperature: 5 to 30 ° C. Dimensions HxWxD 72x35x52cm. YoC 2012.

  • ID: 26820

    Beckman Cell Lab Quanta SC

    Beckman Coulter flow cytometer Cell Lab Quanta SC. Simultaneous measurement of electronic volume, side scatter, 3 fluorescent colors at analysis. Laser 488nm. Workstation. Software version 1.0. Windows XP operating system. 230 V 50 Hz. 3 A. Very good condition.


Used laboratory and analysis equipment with guarantee:

Source your used laboratory and analysis equipment (Gaschromatographs, GC/MS, HPLC-Systems, AAS) at Labexchange. As market leader, Labexchange sells value-for-money equipment for chemical, physical and pharmaceutical analysis and other areas, such as food analysis, in Germany, Europe and worldwide. All devices are thoroughly tested or overhauled and delivered with guarantee and warranty. Alongside laboratory equipment, we also sell reasonably priced devices for chemical analysis. Visit Labexchange at to order used laboratory equipment at low prices for use in chromatography, spectroscopy, biotechnology (PCR, DNA-Sequencer, Elektrophoresis, Microplate-Devices), clinical chemistry (Beta Counters, Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, Bloodgas-Analysers) and process technology (Mixer, Presses, Heat Exchangers, Stirrer/Agitators). You can also sell your equipment through us. Just offer us your old laboratory equipment. All analysis systems are listed on the website, which is updated daily. Here, you'll find everything you need to know about buying laboratory equipment at reasonable prices. Order your second-hand analysis instruments from us: The World's No. 1.

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All analysis devices are thoroughly inspected and, if necessary, overhauled by the Labexchange subsidiary, Labexchange-Service GmbH. Testing of second-hand equipment takes place on our premises. In addition to HPLC systemsgas chromatographsdrying ovensbalances, shakers and stirrers, we also test the functionality of mass spectrometers, FTIR devices, UV/Vis spectrometers and laboratory furniture. No used device from Labexchange leaves our warehouse without being tested and all devices are certified as fully functional. Our company can also install all laboratory systems and train your staff in how to use the systems in question.

Other services from

It is also possible to hire or lease used laboratory equipment (Microscopes, Centrifuges, Rotation Evaporators, Heating Apparatus) from us. Hiring and leasing of analysis devices is becoming increasingly popular. You can hire or lease the second-hand instruments you require from Labexchange for a specific period of time and therefore save money. Furthermore, we can also provide expert reports for second-hand laboratory systems, help with clearance of laboratories or moving to new premises and, if required, take your new and used equipment and furniture into temporary storage.