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Laboratory and analysis
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Life science
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Laboratory equipment
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New devices
Top-device of the month
  • Waters Micromass Quattro Micro

    Waters LC-MS-MS system. With MS-MS instrument Quattro Micro...

  • Agilent 280Z

    Agilent AAS 280Z. With G8437AA # 202 Suction unit,...

  • Thermo Nicolet iS10

    Thermonicolet FT-IR spectrometer iS10. With transmission measurement unit. Smart iTR...


Labexchange for 30 years

Labexchange is the leading provider of used laboratory and analytical equipment. We stand for high technical reliability and comprehensive service for 30 years. Users in analytical laboratories, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, universities as well as the chemical analytical institutes rely on the impeccable and tested equipment technology from our wide range of products.  Read more


10 April 2019

Anniversary campaign: 30 % discount on shipping costs

At the beginning of the year we told you that you can look forward to many activities in our anniversary year. We keep our promises. Next to our... 

19 February 2019

New: Exchange bonus

Benefit from a credit voucher of 30 % when purchasing one of our tested second-hand devices while selling your system at once. To mark the... 

02 January 2019

Labexchange is turning 30 - This must be celebrated

In 2019, Labexchange looks back to its foundation in 1989 and therefore at 30 years of successful collaboration with you and all our customers. Since... 

16 November 2018

Labexchange at analytica China for the first time

This year Labexchange was represented at analytica China for the first time and can draw a positive conclusion from this debut appearance.  ...