22 09 20

Support for doctors in Africa - Postponed due to Corona

A few months ago, Labexchange Foundation donated several laboratory devices worth 3,120 euros to a hospital in Gambia. (Read more here) Unfortunately, the transport to Africa had to be postponed due to the Corona Pandemic.

Ms. Elke Seelmann and Dr. Antonie Bäuerle collected medical equipment in a private relief action. „It has long become a matter of the heart,“ says Elke Seelmann about her commitment to Gambia. Instruments, laboratory equipment, incubators, cradle beds, monitors and circular beds from the University Hospital in Tübingen, six more ultrasound units, wheelchairs, a complete set of dental equipment as well as several suitcases full of dressing material from several other hospitals and sponsors as well as companies from the region were actually supposed to go on their journey in their own container in March: first by train to Hamburg, then by ship to Africa. But Corona prevented this.

However, in mid-October, the twelve-meter long container is now scheduled to be transported by the „Engagement Global“ service company for development initiatives. The costs for this are around 10,000 euros. They will be financed by donations, on which the helpers are urgently dependent, emphasizes Seelmann. At the end of November, the container should reach the Gambian capital.

While the project was previously operated through the Nürtingen-based Namel Cultural Association, it has now joined the Alliance for Development Initiatives for Gambia (AEI) and opened its own office in Banjul. Seelmann and Bäuerle agree that it is important to have a concept and a contact point on site. Through a Whats-App group all parties involved are in constant contact.


Donations account:

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Medzincontainer Gambia AK
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More information about the AEI at  www.aei-germany.de



[Translate to Englisch:] Elke Seelmann begutachtet die in der Kelter in Frickenhausen gesammelten medizinischen Geräte für Gambia.