Company objectives

Customer satisfaction - Quality - Ecology - Co-Workers - Profit - Market leadership

Customer satisfaction
Our aim is to provide our customers with new and used laboratory and analysis equipment of the highest quality, thereby strengthening and increasing our acceptance in our chosen field. The customers secure the existence of our enterprise. We are therefore always exerted, to maintain a friendly relation with our customers. We try to recognize the needs of the customers and to satisfy them at most. Making available used devices with lowest possible prices also belongs to our services.

Our goal is to continuously increase the quality of the used laboratory and analytical devices offered by us, as well as the quality of our further services. We are always grateful for constructive criticism of our customers and co-workers.

We consider the protection and preservation of the environment to be one of the fundamental elements of our company policy. We realise that without systematic consideration of ecological matters, our economic success cannot be safeguarded in the long term. By selling used laboratory and analysis equipment, we are helping to avoid the production of waste products and are considerably extending the value-added chain of these used devices. We achieve this by re-conditioning the equipment and offering it to prospective customers with a functional guarantee. Furthermore, we use two photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the Labexchange buildings, which together produce over 60 kWp of renewable energy, thereby reducing our consumption of fossil fuels.

Our co-workers primarily serve our customers and bring them their best performance. Our enterprise would like to contribute thereto, so that our co-workers find in their work satisfaction, fulfilment and recognition. We want to train and promote our co-workers, so that they can reach our company goals in the best possible way.

We pursue the goal, to gain sufficient profit, in order to secure the existence of our enterprise, to finance further growth and to remain independent in the future.

Market leadership
Securing and strengthening our market leadership is for us an important goal. This is to offer our customers greatest possible variety in all equipment’s categories and price levels.


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