Labexchange introduces itself

Labexchange is the leading provider of used laboratory and analytical equipment. For 30 years we stand for high technical reliability and comprehensive service. Users in analytical laboratories, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, universities as well as the chemical analytical institutes rely on the impeccable and tested equipment technology from our wide range of products.

From the idea to the world market leadership

The company was founded in 1989 in the Swabian Burladingen. Since then the company has grown steadily and now employs over 15 members of staff. With the sister company Labexchange France Sarl. as well as representations all over the world, the successful concept of the business founder and managing director, Dr. Wolfgang Kuster is still today proven.

In order to comply with another foundation pillar of the holistic customer-oriented business policy, in October 2010 the own service company – the Labexchange Service GmbH – was founded. This Service GmbH is responsible for all technical services and coordinates a broad service network with locations in the whole of Central Europe. By the foundation, that was recently established, the Labexchange Foundation - Wolfgang Kuster Stiftung, the newly formed Labexchange Group is complete. The group unites the areas trade with devices and service under one roof, whereby it is possible, to look after the customer in all respects from a single source. The Labexchange Foundation is a sign for the assumption of social responsibility and supports projects in the areas health-care, art and culture, environmental protection and acts for the common good. The Labexchange Foundation annually awards the Labexchange promotional prize in the mentioned sectors.


With versatile knowledge, extensive competence and decades of experience in dealing with used laboratory and analysis equipment, Labexchange is not only a reliable and competent partner, but also world market leader. Labexchange will successively expand this market-leading position in thecoming years. Thanks to the constantly high quality and the various guarantees Labexchange has become the number one in the sector and a very successful global player. Until 2012 known as "Laborgerätebörse Handelsgesellschaft für Analysensysteme mbH", the company was renamed. The new company name "Labexchange - Die Laborgerätebörse GmbH" that was accepted by the responsible Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Reutlingen, now emphasizes the market leadership.

As leading platform for used quality, each device is tested and checked extensively. As an independent provider with broad experience and knowledge, Labexchange is not bound to a brand or a manufacturer. So you can be sure that you are being advised independently and according to your needs.

Dr. Wolfgang Kuster


The brand Labexchange

A corporate brand such as Labexchange offers both the company and its customers security, trust and orientation.

The brand unites all parties involved, therefore creating a corporate unit. Labexchange’s brand profi le, or its DNA, is made up of four brand values – experience – diversity – thoroughness – reliability. All in all, the Labexchange brand presents a uniform image. These values constitute our brand identity and have been actively lived on a daily basis since 1989.


From a small company in Swabian Burladingen to market leader – this is the story of Labexchange’s success. Since 1989, Labexchange has built up a wealth of experience at national and international level, can call upon considerable technical expertise and is extremely competent when it comes to laboratory and analysis equipment. Its experience is demonstrated in a most impressive manner: Labexchange discovered and tapped into the market for used laboratory and analysis equipment in 1989 and has transferred its knowledge of the German market onto the international stage. Labexchange was therefore the fi rst company to internationalise the market. Since then, Labexchange has developed and had a considerable formative infl uence on the market. Labexchange can fall back on a wealth of experience, is continuing its learning process day by day and steadily building on this potential.


In order to satisfy the wishes of its customers, Labexchange offers a wide and diverse laboratory and analysis equipment portfolio. This includes, for example, general analytics through spectroscopy and chromatography down to laboratory furniture. This diversity is refl ected in its huge selection of laboratory and analysis devices. Labexchange sells not only new devices, but above all second-hand
equipment from all manufacturers and in all price segments. Customers can hire or lease laboratory and analysis devices. Labexchange operates entirely independently of specific manufacturers, thereby generating a broad product range and a high level of expertise. Its social commitment, too, is broadly based: Labexchange supports social projects in the Third World through donations of laboratory and analysis equipment. In addition, donations to local medical projects help to strengthen the region. This social commitment, particularly in the medical sector, has been consolidated by the establishment of the company’s own foundation. The Wolfgang-Kuster-Stiftung champions social and sustainable projects.


Labexchange’s highest goal is customer satisfaction. A thorough approach to things plays a pivotal role here. The precision which customers expect from their laboratory and analysis equipment is refl ected in the thoroughness which characterises day-to-day activities at Labexchange. Here at Labexchange, thoroughness means thinking one step ahead. That’s why customers are offered an “all-round carefree” package. Our thoroughness is demonstrated by the following: Prior to sale, devices are carefully inspected and analysed by Labexchange Service GmbH. Customers are offered a complete package: from independent, tailor-made advice, through analysis and sale processing down to delivery or collection. With each purchased device, customers receive a copy of the operating instructions. These are digitalised manually for this purpose. Customers therefore have online access to the correct manual at all times.


Labexchange is always on hand to help its customers with any questions or concerns they may have. Special customer wishes and requests are responded to with dedication and fl exibility. Labexchange is pleased to be of assistance to its customers and offer its support in any way it can. The above-average safeguards and guarantees offered and realised by Labexchange are simply not to be found in the portfolios of its competitors. That, too, makes Labexchange a reliable partner.