Labexchange guarantees

All used instruments of Labexchange are subjected to verification respectively overhaul before delivery
You get proven quality - full performance with guarantee!
Benefit from our extensive quarantee!

1. Labexchange Full Guarantee

If you have found a suitable device in the Labexchange portal, it will be subject to a comprehensive technical check. Our service report and the certificate of operativeness ensure a technically perfect condition. You will receive a full guarantee of 60 days on all verified devices. Malfunctions occurring within the warranty period will be corrected by us free of charge. (Valid for countries within the EU and CH)


On demand, we verify the option of an extension of warranty for your device. If possible, the period of warranty is 6 months for 10 % extra charge and 1 year for 20 % extra charge on the list price. (Valid for DE, AT, CH, FR, NL, BE, LU, GB and IR)


2. Labexchange Repurchase Guarantee

The Labexchange Repurchase Guarantee provides an unlimited time and therefore optimal safety concerning equipment and costs for your laboratory and work processes. For unlimited time we will take back the device you have previously purchased from Labexchange. We will refund the current value which results from the point of time after the purchase of the device from Labexchange and a 2,8% monthly, degressive depreciation and less a lump sum for inspection of equipment. Therefore you know exactly in advance, which amount you will receive from Labexchange for your equipment after the respective service life. You can use this amount immediately or later for another new or used device of your choice at Labexchange.
With the Labexchange Repurchase Guarantee you have always the certainty, that you can give back your equipment and that you will get back the previously calculated current value. So you are always prepared for all arising duties. The Labexchange Repurchase Guarantee is valid in connection with the commissioning of the initial equipment installation by Labexchange Service GmbH and annual equipment maintenance by Labexchange Service GmbH.

Benefits of the installation made by our company:

  • extension of guarantee to 3 months
  • omission of freight costs
  • right to use the Labexchange Repurchase Guarantee
  • right to use the Labexchange Lifetime Service Guarantee


3. Labexchange Best Price Guarantee

We have introduced the Labexchange Best Price Guarantee for you as provider of used equipment. So you will receive definitely more money from us for your lab equipment.
How does the Best Price Guarantee work?
Offer your equipment to us. We are experts in the determination of the current market value. Should you not agree to the amount of the evaluation of the current market value and do you have a better purchase offer, so please send us this. Because of the Labexchange Best Price Guarantee you will receive a better offer from us with a higher amount as in your other purchase offer.
Receive up to 20 % above the value of our original evaluation offer. You only have to present a competitors offer of a reputable European trader of used equipment. Offer your equipment to us, test our new offer and decide for yourself!
You can find further information on our guarantees in the specific terms and conditions