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New at Labexchange – laboratory clearance, storage and transport

Temporary laboratory clearance – Do you want to put your laboratory equipment and furniture into storage for a short or even long period?

We will clear your laboratory completely and are able to uninstall your laboratory equipment and dismantle your laboratory fixtures. Storage is in our secure warehouse which has been specially fitted out for laboratory equipment. Especially where temporary storage is concerned, short storage times are of vital importance to you. We can also deliver, mount and install your equipment again on your premises.

Laboratory clearance due to a move – Are you moving your laboratory to new premises?

We will remove your laboratory equipment and furniture and provide expert transport to the new location. There, we will mount and install the equipment again for you.

Laboratory clearance due to closure – Would you like to sell your laboratory equipment and furniture?

We will clear your laboratory and buy up standard laboratory equipment and furniture immediately. We can store all remaining equipment and furniture in our warehouse until they are sold.

Storage – Are you looking for storage space for your laboratory fixtures?

We offer you expert storage for all your laboratory fixtures. In the case of laboratory equipment and furniture which you would like to sell and which we are not able to buy up immediately, we offer you the opportunity to store the items in question until they are sold, i.e. until a buyer is found for them.

Transport – Are you looking for a haulier to transport your laboratory equipment?

We know just how sensitive laboratory and analysis equipment is, as we have more than 25 years' experience in transporting such highly sensitive devices. We remove devices competently and transport them safely to the location of your choice. Laboratory equipment is packaged and transported on foam material, depending on its sensitivity.

Warehousing – As a laboratory equipment manufacturer or dealer, would you like to outsource warehousing and dispatch?

We can do that for you. We can store your products and dispatch them to your customers on receipt of orders. If required, we can also finish your goods.


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