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The offer: 
In this current overall list you find the probably biggest offer of Europe world-wide of used laboratory and analysis instruments and also laboratory furniture and laboratory accessories with more than 14.000 devices from more than 800 renowned manufacturers in 147 product Groups.  

The prices: 
On average the sales price of the instruments contained in the list is about 35 % of the new price. This means that on average you pay 65 % less when buying the used instrument instead of a new one - and that at an average age of the instrument of about four years.

The guarantee: 
All devices are inspected and, technically checked to delivery. They are only delivered if they are in perfect working condition. On request, a service report is drawn up. In principle, you will receive for each device a minimum guarantee of 60 days as of delivery. (Valid for countries within the EU and CH)

Extension of the guarantee: 
On demand, we verify the option of an extension of warranty for your device. If possible, the period of warranty is 6 months for 10 % extra charge and 1 year for 20 % extra charge on the list price. (Valid for DE, AT, CH, FR, NL, BE, LU, GB and IR)

The delivery time: 
Instruments from our stocks can be delivered immediately. If original spare parts from the manufacturer are required, the delivery can be effected within 4 weeks.

The leasing: 
For instruments from a sales price of 10,000.- Euro onward we offer leasing or hire purchase via our capable partner company. The acquisition of a used instrument is to be advantageous for you.

The installation: 
In order to keep the sales price of used analysis units as favourable as possible, we offer the instruments on principle without installation. If an installation and instruction is desired, then we shall gladly be helpful to you with mediating the respective manufacturer's service.

The purchase of instruments: 
Offer us the instruments which you no longer need, by means of the attached fax-info, by phone or also via our internet page We assess your instruments according to the current market values and upon request invite tenders for them free of charge in our media. After a purchase order will have come in for the instrument you offered, we shall be buying it.

The points of contact: 
Our expert team will consult you in all questions concerning unit configuration, application, purchase and sale.


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