Ecology and sustainability

Your contribution to environmental protection - The philosophy of sustainability of Labexchange

As a matter of principle, Labexchange promotes the sustainable use of valuable laboratory and analysis equipment. A device which, due to changed circumstances, is no longer of value for one user, is often precisely what someone else is searching for at that given time. Today's second-hand market for laboratory equipment - the result of the Labexchange concept devised more than 30 years ago - is a prime example of sustainability. Existing resources and values are exploited to meet a specific demand for laboratory devices.

In this day and age, we as a company are more committed than ever to the environment. Alongside the prolonged usage of high-quality laboratory and analysis equipment, environmentally sound re-use of such equipment is of paramount importance in our industry sector. We regard environmental protection and sustainability as a holistic corporate responsibility which is expressed through concrete measures. 

Today the shortage of raw materials is a large problem and it will increase further in the future. Therefore, resource conservation and climate protection are the central challenges of our time. The Labexchange Group with the companies Labexchange - Die Laborgerätebörse GmbH and Labexchange Service GmbH for many years have risen to meet successfully these challenges and offers its customers a product, which shows their concrete contribution to environment protection. Because you promote with your purchase the principle of sustainability, and we have written this subject on the flag, we multiply your commitment and donate a part of the purchase price to the Labexchange Foundation, where it is used with common interest for the promotion of ecology and sustainability.

Ecological and sustainable measures to the test

Labexchange specialises in evaluating the operability of used laboratory and analysis devices and restoring full operability by performing the necessary service measures. We consider this to be an important contribution to sustainable added value and eco-efficiency. We enable optimum exploitation of the service life and operability of valuable analysis devices. At the same time, we offer our customers laboratory equipment with a unique cost-benefit ratio and quality guarantee.

As the leading platform for quality second-hand equipment, we extensively inspect and test every single device. We are a highly experienced, independent supplier and therefore under no obligation to individual brands or manufacturers. You can be sure that we will give you independent and appropriate advice.

We call this principle modern laboratory and analysis technology!


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