Rent our stock equipment!

You have the possibility to rent for a period of at least one month one of the 1.300 devices which we have permanently available in stock.

Renting is the cheapest way to use a lab unit for a specified time.
This is also an interesting option should you wish to obtain an additional unit in the event of an increased number of samples, for temporary projects or to find out whether a certain unit is suitable for a planned operation. Upon subsequent purchase of the unit, 90 % of the instalments already paid will be credited against the purchase price.

The monthly rate depends on the list price of the unit.

1 month 9,6 %
2 months 9,1 %
3 months 8,6 %
4 months 8,1 %
5 months 7,7 %
6 - 8 months 7,3 %
9 - 11 months 6,9 %
12 months 6,5 %
Exceeding 13 months 5,5 %

After expiry of the agreed rent period we will collect the unit from you for a fee. For smaller devices you have the option to send it back at your expense. A fee of 8 % of the selling price is charged to cover the subsequent functional inspection of the unit. The costs for the rent, delivery and verification fee will be due in a sum within 14 days net after delivery of the device.

An extension is possible without difficulty. Please inform us in this regard in writing approximately one week before end of the rent period.

Our rental offer is valid for laboratory devices from a list price of 2.000,00 €. Only used devices that is already in stock can be rented.


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