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Evaluation and Expert Reports on Laboratory Equipment from Labexchange

We are experts in evaluating your laboratory and analysis devices, your full range of laboratory equipment as well as your PC and network systems. We provide competent, quick and precise cross-sector evaluation!

As experts with specialist knowledge, we have many years of experience in handling devices and equipment in the most varied laboratory fields. Every year, we evaluate thousands of laboratory devices and pieces of laboratory equipment. Furthermore, we have a high level of technical know-how and in-depth knowledge with regard to the marketability of your devices and laboratory equipment.

Details of current market prices for laboratory devices are gained, on the one hand, from our comprehensive databases and, on the other, from current equipment sales in our trading department. This up-to-date market information is taken into account during market value assessment. This unique method of value assessment gives you verifiable, well-founded and reliable data. Whether it's the market value, liquidation value, continuing value or residual value you are interested in, our experts will reliably determine it for you.

Not only companies, but also banks, private laboratories as well as state institutions value the empirical findings we have gathered as market leader. Our expertise across the board therefore makes us first choice when it comes to qualified evaluation of your devices. It goes without saying that we are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Alongside the evaluation of equipment for the purposes of trading new and used laboratory and analysis equipment, evaluations and expert reports are also commissioned by private parties such as:

  • Sellers
  • Buyers
  • Market participants
  • Insurance companies
  • Insurants
  • Banks and saving banks

We compile the following expert reports:

  • Market value reports
  • Insurance reports
  • Equipment evaluations
  • Special appraisals
  • Used-device certificates 

Reports can be supplied for the following purposes:

  • Market value evaluation for laboratory and analysis equipment
  • Advice on repair and replacement options
  • Calculation of insurance values
  • Determination of material damage and repair costs
  • Sale or transformation of a company
  • Relocation
  • Non-cash company formation
  • Bankruptcy proceedings and auctions
  • Lending
  • Collateralization of loans
  • Leasing

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