Further climate certificates for 2023

Sustainability certification underscores the company´s holistic business approach.

Since the foundation of our company Labexchange – Die Laborgerätebörse GmbH in the year 1989, we have placed a sustainable and long-term usage of laboratory devices and equipment at the very core of our entrepreneurial concept. Competent and professional repair services enable our customers to employ the devices for many more years to come. In March 2022, the sustainability aspect was strengthened by certification as a climate-neutral company. In January 2023, further climate protection certificates were acquired.

After thoroughly investigating and verifying the carbon dioxide consumption within all the relevant corporate divisions of our company, the environmental consulting firm Fokus Zukunft was able to determine a total of 307 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. “We have only now become aware of the precise dimensions of our CO2 consumption thanks to this accurate analysis of our operations. Repairing second-hand laboratory devices in order to return them to the economic cycle has always been our contribution to sustainability. We are truly happy about having been officially granted the climate neutral label now, which was made possible by the acquisition of climate protection certificates,” says Dr. Wolfgang Kuster, Chief Executive Officer of Labexchange – Die Laborgeräte GmbH.

By purchasing 307 high-quality climate protection certificates, Labexchange takes another step towards acting responsibly and, by doing so, committing itself to the well-being of future generations. By means of these newly-purchased certificates, Labexchange supports a hydroelectric power plant in Turkey as well as a biomass project in Vietnam. As far as climate protection goes, however, it is also the regional woodlands here in Germany that play an essential role for CEO Dr. Wolfgang Kuster. For this reason, the Labexchange staff are going to plant trees at this year´s corporate summer party in order to contribute their share to sustainability within the region where the company itself is based, helping the latter to go even more climate positive.

Dr. Kuster is determined to identify additional cost-saving opportunities in the future in order to further reduce the company´s carbon footprint. Some initial measures have already been put into practice, such as offering job bikes to cut the employees´ fuel consumption or switching to the use of 100% recycled paper bearing the EU Ecolabel. Since mid-2022, the company has been certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental management system.


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