28 05 19

Labexchange celebrates its 30th company anniversary

On May 24th, Labexchange celebrated its 30th company anniversary in the premises of Laborgerätebörse in Burladingen. A great number of invited guests of honour including customers, business partners, family members and friends congratulated Managing Director Dr. Wolfgang Kuster, his son Maximilian and all employees on their great success. Should a company anniversary be celebrated at all? “The next day it's just company history, you might say! –  Yes, but what company history would it be? A company history without appreciation”, Dr. Wolfgang Kuster said in his welcoming speech. This anniversary celebration is a sign of appreciation: A sign of appreciation for the invited guests, an appreciation for the employees, for the business partners, for the customers, as well as appreciation for one's own work. Along with appreciation there also comes success. „Success“ is now the keyword. 30 years ago, still in his private cellar office, today in his own company building, Dr. Kuster manages the company. For the last three decades Labexchange has been the leading supplier of used laboratory and analysis systems. The company stocks laboratory equipment from approx. 700 manufacturers from 147 product groups and sells analytical laboratory equipment as well as the corresponding laboratory installation. Five companies are now grouped in the company building in Burladingen. In addition to Labexchange - Die Laborgerätebörse GmbH, these include Labexchange Service GmbH, which is responsible for the reconditioning and installation of used laboratory equipment, and the newly founded company testimore GmbH, which sells measuring and test equipment. Another company within the Labexchange Group is Labstribute GmbH in Munich, which offers the possibility to transfer complete laboratories or company locations via auctions. The district chief executive of the Zollernalb District, Mr. Günther-Martin Pauli, also congratulated on the 30th anniversary of the company in his laudation. Labexchange is "an example of the sustainable management of sensitive products" through the reutilization of used laboratory equipment. The district chief executive also praised the cultural and social commitment of Labexchange and referred to its own foundation, the Labexchange Foundation, which is mainly concerned with the promotion of health care, art and culture, environmental protection and projects that care for people in developing countries. The family character of the company was underlined by the speech of Maximilian Kuster, son of the company founder and head of Labexchange Service GmbH. Maximilian Kuster spoke from the perspective of the "next generation". He recalled his early involvement in the company as a child with a sense of humour. At that time, he was interested in the "selection of gummy bears" intended for customers. Now an adult with a master's degree from the Technical University of Munich, he is obviously ready to take over the company as the "next generation". Authorised signatory Iris Hähnle presented Dr. Kuster with the "Anniversary Award" on behalf of all employees: A glass pillar on which the signatures of all employees are engraved. Also, the town chief of Burladingen-Hausen, Mr. Erwin Staiger and Mr. Matthias Miklautz, Head of the office of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Zollernalb District, addressed afterwards praising words to the company founder. He had had a "bold vision", which at that time was "completely new territory". He could really be very proud of his achievement. The celebration was accompanied by brilliant musical performances by Hartmut Amann on the Steinway grand piano and Lazlo Kocsis on the saxophone. In addition, the guests were not only treated to an exclusive buffet, but also to interesting and extraordinary molecular cocktails prepared by the employees themselves. After a comedic-literary performance by Bernhard Hurm, the director and actor of the Lindenhof Theatre, the

Labexchange Advancement Award was presented as a special programme item.

Labexchange Foundation honoured the Schwarzwald Schönbuch e.V. youth research centre in Nagold for its valuable service in getting children and young people interested in science and sustainable projects. The 16-year-old pupil and researcher Jasha Grüner convinced the jury of the Labexchange Foundation with his research work, which shows the way to produce diesel fuel from plastic waste. In the end, the guests of honour had the opportunity to visit the company, including its service areas and large warehouse. Celebrating the 30th company anniversary of Laborgerätebörse was considered an extremely successful event by the participants and they wished the company continued great success for the future.